Monday, 29 October 2012

Beginners advice??

Quite often here at Snappygear we often  get emails along the lines of the following....

"Hi Snappygear,
            I wonder if you could offer some advice... I've been looking on your site for a camera ... I've got a bridge camera at the minute but I'm doing my City and Guilds in photography and finding its not adequate for what I'm doing .. I know very little about SLR cameras and am getting conflicting advice on a good starter one.. .. any help would be appreciated"

Usually our response is fairly similar....

       This is a very good question and one of the hardest to answer! There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a DSLR....
1. How much do you really want to spend?
2. What photography do you think you will be doing?

From experience, usually the answers will be
1. As little as possible and
2. A bit if everything!

  Our advice would be to consider one of the Canon xxxD range (350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D) why? Because there is plenty of choice and a good range of prices and as you want to upgrade or buy extra batteries or accessories, this are a little more accessible with many models sharing add ons and lens fitments.

Which model then really depends on your budget (and we're talking body only prices here...) 350D's are anywhere from £130-ish for a nice one through to the 650D being £540 ish.

Then there is the cost of lenses, a basic 'kit' lens will cost you around £25-40 and zoom lenses from £75 upwards (these are all second hand price btw!) This is just the can be very addictive and you will soon be yearning over the next step up in body and lenses, which is where becomes very handy to know, as we can offer a trade in price for your redundant kit as you upgrade!"

We think the best way we can advise you is that if you tell me the answers to the 2 questions above and also tell me what you think are important to you on a camera and also what you think your current camera fails to deliver on, I can hopefully give you the best advice possible.